The Project “Sound Pictures from Bulgaria – photographs and recordings”

On October 27th, 2017, the project “Sound Pictures from Bulgaria – Photographs and Records” by Dr. Martin Koenig was presented at the Embassy of Bulgaria. Martin Koenig is an ethnographer and explorer of Bulgarian folklore. His recordings and photographs were made more than 50 years ago in different Bulgarian settlements. Dr. Koenig has collected, researched and documented traditional Bulgarian folk music and dances performed in an original and non-professional environment. Music recordings and photographs represent performers – musicians and dancers, as well as their traditional way of life.


Martin Koening also made the original recording of the song “Izlel e Delyo Haydutin” performed by Valya Balkanska, which is included in the Voyager Golden Records as a musical message from the Earth to potential other forms of life.

In collaboration with the Embassy and with the financial support of the American Research Center in Sofia, Dr. Martin Koenig works a book with two discs of authentic Bulgarian folk music for distribution through the Smithsonian Institution

Here are some pictures from the event: