Business Process Outsourcing

  • Bulgaria offers qualified and cost-effective workforce and advantageous rents of commercial space and very competitive overall costs of doing business.
  • The Annual Broadband Study by Cisco ranks Bulgaria 5th in the world and 3rd in Europe in terms of internet speed.
  • Bulgaria prides itself on the system of foreign language secondary schools where after a year of intensive study of a foreign language the students switch to studying main subjects in the respective foreign language.
  • 98% of the students enrolled in secondary schools in Bulgaria study a foreign language, 73% study at least two foreign languages.
  • 60 500 students graduate from 53 universities and colleges. 50% of them are potentially suitable for employment within the BPO industry.
  • Office rents in Sofia are the lowest in the region and are likely to remain low due to oversupply of office space.
  • Attrition rate in BPO centers in Bulgaria is several times lower than in the rest of Europe and India.
  • Bulgaria is among the leaders in the world in outsourcing and continues to be a top 10 destination in the ranking of outsourcing destinations by A.T. Kearney.  Although a member of the European Union, the country offers conditions for maintaining a lower production and transport costs compared with most other Member States.

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