Police liaison

The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria is the main law-enforcement institution. Its mission is to ensure public safety, to preserve the public order, and to serve the Bulgarian citizens. On a daily basis the MoI officers are involved in crime-prevention activities, strictly adhering to the rule of law and to the respect of individual and civil rights.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior consists of:

  • Chief Directorate “Criminal Police”
  • Chief Directorate “National Police”
  • Chief Directorate “Border Police”
  • Chief Directorate “Fire Safety and Rescue”

The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior cooperates closely with the respective institutions in the NATO and EU member-states, the countries in Southeastern Europe, the Russian Federation and others.

The interaction between the Bulgarian and the U.S. law enforcement authorities is a particularly important aspect of the international cooperation of the MoI. The intensive development of U.S. – Bulgarian collaboration in that area led to the appointment in 2005 of the first ever Bulgarian Liaison Officer in the United States, as a part of the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington, D.C. The Liaison Officer acts as a permanent representative of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior to the U.S. The liaison’s primary objective is to contribute to the further development of the US-Bulgarian relations in the field of law-enforcement.

The key factor, accounting for the rapid development of law-enforcement cooperation between Bulgaria and the United States is the common goal of both countries – countering international terrorism, organized crime and other related activities. A number of successful joint law-enforcement operations have been carried out so far leading to the break-up of organized crime groups engaged in drugs and human trafficking, counterfeit money production, child pornography etc. Moreover, FBI, DEA, US Secret Service as well as Diplomatic Security are all represented in Bulgaria. On a daily basis their officers work with their Bulgarian law-enforcement counterparts and contribute to the mutual success in combating international terrorism and organized crime.


Mr. Georgi Ovcharov – Bulgarian MoI Representative to the US, Canada and Mexico
(202) 387 0174 /Ext. 212/ – office
(202) 234 7973 – fax