Embassy Commercial Service


The economic and commercial section at the Bulgarian Embassy to the United States in Washington, D.C. covers a wide range of assistance activities in all areas related to the bilateral economic relations between Bulgaria and the United States of America. It services the public institutions in both countries, the private corporate sector in Bulgaria and the US and civil society institutions such as NGOs, industry associations and think-tanks.

Bulgaria is in fact the place with lowest cost of doing business in Europe, yet in close proximity to Central Asia and the Middle East. It offers the lowest taxes in Europe and West Asia, cheapest industrial real estate and a technologically savvy multilingual population. The country is a stable, predictable location for US overseas sales or manufacturing operations. The process of some traditional US partners opting out of their economic memberships makes Bulgaria even more relevant to US businesses, as we are firmly committed to our European Union membership and integration, bringing alongside a slew of advantages and incentives.


Services and Activities

  • Commodity trade: import facilitation and consultancy; market entry hints for exporters;
  • Investment and outsourcing
  • Energy – cooperation, investment and trade; oil and gas concessions
  • Agriculture – cooperation, research, commodities, investment, equipment
  • Tourism – destination promotion, consultancy to tour operators, advertising materials
  • Travel industry – airlines, airports, trip assistance and consultancy for travel agencies
  • Transportation, freight, container, terminals and infrastructure
  • Finance, insurance, banking and capital markets
  • Science commercialization, tech, research and development
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Defense industry
  • Trade agreements, TTIC, regulatory compliance

Contact Information

Ivo Konstantinov
Commercial Counselor and Trade Attache
Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

Address: “Dimitar Peshev” Plaza
1621 22nd Street, NW, Washington D.C. 20008

Email: trade@bulgaria-embassy.org


  • Tel.+1 202 332 6609
  • Tel. +1 202 387 5770
  • Fax: +1 202 234 7973