Ambassador Tihomir Stoytchev meets corporate executives in DC

“Potomac Exchange”, a high-level Government to business networking NGO, threw a meeting for Ambassador Tihomir Stoytchev at the Hay Adams with GRO executives from corporate participants like Boston Scientific, Aetna International, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, Eastman Kodаk, McGuire Woods Consulting, 3 M and Oracle.

Ambassador Stoytchev gave an overview of Bulgaria’s current political dynamics and emphasized the normal functioning of the political system. The commitment to uninterrupted continuation of the Bulgaria’s economic and fiscal stability was reiterated, as the Ambassador laid out in details the exceptionally favourable conditions for investment in the country. Stable economic growth, low inflation, budget deficit and debt to GDP ratios, low taxes and a multilingual educated workforce were listed as some of the country’s attractive advantages.

Ambassador Stoytchev also walked attendants through the more specific incentives tailored to foreign investment interests, introduced by the Investment Promotion Act. Information and communication technologies, energy, the automotive sector, BPO and food processing were named as industries that have benefited the most from the country’s aggressive policy on FDIs.

Mr. Stoytchev extensively covered other important bilateral areas in the Bulgaria-US relations such as defense cooperation, law enforcement and border protection, energy security, oil and gas supply diversification, counterterrorism and migration. He drew special focus on the ongoing judiciary reform in Bulgaria and its crucial role for the continuous attracting of US investment in the country.