Visas for Bulgarians, holders of non-Bulgarian travel documents




Visa Application Form



Information for Visitors to the Republic of Bulgaria

A Bulgarian visa (entry or transit) may be obtained at the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington, DC; at the respective Consulate General covering the state the applicant resides in; at any Bulgarian Embassy or Consular Office in other countries. Citizens of some countries, including the United States and Canada, traveling on regular passports, are not required visas for a stay in Bulgaria not exceeding 90 days within 6 months from the date of first arrival but they should be able, upon request, to show evidence of a medical insurance, valid for Bulgaria, covering the duration of their stay. Citizens of most EU countries are not required visas for a stay in Bulgaria not exceeding 90 days. If planning to stay more than 30 (90) days, or traveling on diplomatic or official passport, a visa is required and must be obtained in advance.

US citizens with regular passports, intending to stay longer than 90 days, need visas. Applicants for long term (D type) visa should apply at the respective Consulate in person.

US travelers on diplomatic or official passports need a visa and have to obtain one in advance, free of charge and free of fees. Items 1, 2, 3, 6 of the Visa Requirements apply, plus a note or a letter from the pertinent Agency.



Upon entry in Bulgaria all foreign nationals, except EU citizens, will be required to fill out a form /at the respective point of entry/ providing information about the purpose of their travel to Bulgaria and the address of stay in the country.

The foreign nationals traveling transit through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria will not be required to fill out the form. All transit travelers are allowed to stay in the country for up to 48 hours from the time of arrival.



Foreign nationals who are required to obtain a VISA prior to travelling to Bulgaria are expected to provide an invitation from a Bulgarian host (on a standard form, provided by the local municipality) or business partner (on a standard form, provided by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and a letter from their company or institution in the US if they are traveling for business. IF IN DOUBT ABOUT THE VISA REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR PARTICULAR CASE, PLEASE CONTACT THE CONSULAR SERVICE.

Airport transit visa requires airline tickets and evidence of right of entry into the next country of travel. Short stay visas for transit purpose grant stay in Bulgaria up to 48 hours. Proof of right of entry into the next country of travel will be required.


Possession of airline tickets does not guarantee the granting of an entry visa. Travel arrangements and costs are solely at the applicant’s risk. Individuals who do not possess national passports may travel on INS-issued re-entry permits and refugee travel documents. Possession of a valid visa is mandatory for such nationals for entry in Bulgaria. "Green cards" are not considered travel documents. Visa requirements are subject to change. Incomplete applications, absence of photos or inadequate payment result in return of application to sender without further action.


When traveling with pets, please consult this link:



1. Valid passport or Travel Document (at least 6 months remaining validity is required);

2. Visa Application Form, fully completed

3. One passport size photo;

4. Copy of the Green Card or other proof of status in the US, if applicable;

5. Invitation from a Bulgarian host (on standard form, provided by the local authorities) or an appropriate hotel reservation;

6. Self-addressed stamped envelope;

7. Visa fee - fees (money order, cash, checks other than personal) are collected at the time of application.

(Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted)

8. Medical Insurance - Upon entering the country the visitor must have travel/medical insurance, covering emergency medical expenses, repatriation, transportation of mortal remains, funeral, hospitalization. The coverage should amount not less than $40 000. If the visitor has an insurance of this type, valid for Bulgaria, a copy of the policy (with legible policy number, company name, duration of validity and sum of coverage) or a letter from the insurance company containing these data, should be submitted upon application. If the applicant has no such insurance, he/she can apply for a visa without it, but the insurance should be obtained after the Consular Officer informs the applicant that the visa request is approved. The visa will then be issued as soon as the applicant submits a copy of the insurance policy (with legible policy number, company name, duration of validity and sum of coverage) or a letter from the insurance company containing these data, by fax (202-234-7973), by mail or in person.



Single entry visas:

- $90 (regular processing)

- Transit visas $90

- Long-term visa $150

- Diplomatic and official visas are free of charge.

Single entry visas are valid for entering Bulgaria not later than 3 months of the date of issue.





Please note: In order to obtain long-stay permission the person should present a previous convictions certificate issued by the state whose citizens they are or by the state of their customary residence (U.S. residents – nationwide clear criminal record certificate, issued by the FBI and certified with an Apostille by the Department of State).